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2022 Mission Trip

And I have other sheep that are not of this fold.  I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice.  So there will be one flock, one shepherd.  John 10:16 ESV

The Ethnē Outfitters 2022 Mission Trip

Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about our 2022 mission trip/ministry event, hosted in Columbia, SC.  To sign up, please click the “Join the Trip” button at the bottom of this page by June 17, 2022 to fill out the questionnaire.  We would be excited for you to join us!  




Purpose and Approach

The purpose of this mission trip is to introduce new team members to ministry among Muslim people through assisting in existing ministry efforts committed to building gospel-focused relationships.  Our decision to host this mission trip/ministry event in Columbia, SC was based on our existing relationships with a significant number of Muslim people, notably the many Afghan families who began arriving last fall.  

During the mission trip our approach will be to:

  1. Invest our time in classroom training during morning sessions
  2. Invest our time in practical training by meeting Muslim people face to face during afternoons and evenings
  3. Teach English to Afghan people in an ESL camp setting
  4. Pray for Muslim people and people groups
  5. Visit a mosque as a way to meet Muslims and learn about their faith and practices
  6. Gain exposure to Muslim cultures
  7. Experience hospitality with Muslim peoples, both through giving and receiving
  8. Enter into deeper spiritual conversation with Muslim people through prepared questions

One feature of this trip is our flexibility toward those whose schedule will allow them to attend only certain days or times of the trip.  We encourage full participation in the trip, as attending the entire time will naturally give team members great benefit from the learning, fellowship, exposure, and outreach opportunities the Lord has enabled us to design. 

At the same time, we are very grateful that we can host an opportunity like this in Columbia, and we welcome all who can attend even part of the time.  Only our sovereign Lord knows the impact that will come from any and all interactions He will create for us with new Muslim friends!    

Our Prayer

Our prayer for this trip is that through interaction with Muslim people and with those ministering to them, team members will experience some of the many ways in which God can use them and their churches among Muslims, growing in their vision and ability to identify and overcome some of the challenges and barriers that can prevent individuals and churches from reaching out to Muslims.  We also pray that the Holy Spirit will create a bond among team members as we minister the gospel in word and deed to Muslim people some of our team members have already befriended.


Trip Details



The trip dates are July 9-16, beginning with an evening team gathering on Saturday, July 9 and ending with a return travel day on July 16 for out-of-town team members.  


Ethnē Outfitters staff will correspond with team members on an individual basis where necessary to arrange travel to Columbia for those coming from a distance. 


Accommodation at the homes of Columbia team members will be made available for out of town team members.  


The trip cost includes:

  • Meals, unless stated otherwise (July 9-15)
  • A contribution toward ESL camp expenses and ministry building space used for team gatherings and worship/training times

The cost of this trip for those joining us for the entire time is $245.00.  

The cost of this trip for those who are able to join us for only certain days of the trip will be $35 per day (full day or partial day), which we will calculate based on participation days indicated in the questionnaire/sign-up form.  

We wish to approach trip cost with a heart of sharing and generosity.  Any unused funds received for the trip will be donated toward continuing ministry among Muslim refugee families in Columbia.  

  • After we receive your questionnaire/sign-up form results, we will send you an invoice by email.  
  • Make check out to: Ethnē Outfitters
  • Write in subject line: Ethnē Outfitters 2022 Mission Trip
  • Mail to: World Witness, 918 S. Pleasantburg Dr. Ste. 218, Greenville, SC 29607
  • Payment deadline: Payment for the trip must be received by Friday, June 25, 2022.
  • So as not to incur an admin fee, the mission trip payment will not be considered a tax deductible contribution.  

Our mission trip schedule is available for download in PDF format here.  

Pre-trip Team Member Preparation

During the time leading up to the trip, we will publish a page that will help all our team members to prepare for the trip through readings, writing, watching videos, and prayer.

We will be updating team members on any needed preparations for the ESL camp based on our planning conversations with our ministry partners here. 

We are also designing a virtual get together to give our team members an idea of what to expect on the trip and give us a chance to meet one another before the trip.  


Thank you for visiting!  We have reached capacity for this trip and have had to remove our questionnaire/sign-up link.  Please keep us in mind for the future.


Ethnē Outfitters